Happy Krishna Janmashtami Wishes

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Wishes, Quotes, SMS in Hindi, English

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According to Hindu Panchang, the festival of Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated every year on the Ashtami date of Krishna Paksha of Bhado month and in Rohin Nakshatra. In 2020 Janmashtami is being celebrated on August 11 in some places and on August 12 in some places. Lord Krishna was born on Ashtami Tithi, so this time on August 11, the Ashtami date will start from 7.6 am to 7.45 am on August 12.

Lord Krishna played an important role in the war of Mahabharata. He was the one who gave Arjuna knowledge about religion and unrighteousness. Lord Krishna had made Arjuna aware of all the Gita. All knowledge of life is merged in Gita and it describes the essence of life in detail. Many things can be learned from the entire life of Gita and Lord Krishna.

Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp in India every year. This festival has great importance in Hinduism. This day is celebrated to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna of Hinduism. It is also known by many other names like – Krishnashtami, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Sri Krishna Jayanti, Sri Krishna Jayanti etc.

In this post today we are sharing krishna janmashtami wishes, janmashtami wishes in english, happy janmashtami wishes, janmashtami quotes in hindi, krishna janmashtmi quotes in hindi which you can share with your friends and family people on Facebook, Whatsapp. Happy Janmashtami to all of you!

Krishna Janmashtami Wishes in Hindi

पलकें झुकें , और नमन हो जाए…….!! मस्तक झुके, और वंदन हो जाए……!! ऐसी नज़र, कंहाँ से लाऊँ, मेरे कन्हैया कि आपको याद करूँ और आपके दर्शन हो जाए..!! कृष्णा जन्माष्टमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये

कृष्ण की महिमा, कृष्ण का प्यार; कृष्ण में श्रद्धा, कृष्ण से ही संसार; मुबारक हो आप सबको जन्माष्टमी का त्योहार!

राधा की चाहत है कृष्णा, उसके दिल की विरासत है कृष्णा, चाहें कितना भी रास रचा ले कृष्णा, दुनिया तो फिर भी कहती है, राधे-कृष्णा, राधे-कृष्णा।

मेरा आपकी कृपा से, सब काम हो रहा है, करते हो तुम कन्हैया, मेरा नाम हो रहा है पतवार के बिना हे, मेरी नाव चल रही है, बस होता रहे हमेशा, जो कुछ भी हो रहा हैं

माखन का कटोरा, मिश्री का थाल, मिट्टी की खुशबू, बारिश की फुहार, राधा की उम्मीदे, कृष्ण का प्यार, मुबारक हों आपको, जन्माष्टमी का त्यौहार।

माखन चुराकर जिसने खाया, बंसी बजाकर जिसने नचाया, ख़ुशी मनाओ उसके जन्मदिन की, जिसने दुनिया को प्रेम का पाठ पढ़ाया।

श्री कृष्ण के कदम आपके घर आये, आप खुशियो के दीप जलाये, परेशानी आपसे आँखे चुराए, कृष्ण जन्मोत्सव की आपको शुभकामनायें . हैप्पी जन्माष्टमी

नन्द के घर आनन्द भयो, जो नन्द के घर गोपाल गयो, जय हो मुरलीधर गोपाल की, जय हो कन्हैया लाल की।

Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2020 Quotes

The message of the Gita is to be found in the second chapter of the Gita where Lord Krishna speaks of the balanced state of mind, of mental equipoise — Mahatma Gandhi

I enter into each planet, and by My energy, they stay in orbit. I become the moon and thereby supply the juice of life to all vegetables — Bhagavad Gita

The secret of karma yoga which is to perform actions without any fruitive desires is taught by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita — Swami Vivekananda

Krishna Janmashtami Wishes in English

“May Lord Krishna steal all your worries and give you happiness on the holy occasion of Krishna Janmashtami.”

“Let there be love and laughter in your life with Lord Krishna’s blessings. Happy Janmashtami!”

“May Lord Krishna give you strength and inspire you to face all problems in life with great courage. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!”

“May Lord Krishna always be with you and protect you and your loved ones.” Happy Krishna Janmashtami!”

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