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Hello Friends, Today we are sharing best facebook status to make your facebook page interesting and attractive.Enjoy this social platform with your friends either you are living near or far to them.So enjoy your life with your friends! is the place to read best Facebook status quotes and messages.You can get the best facebook status to share it on your facebook profile. By these you can share your thoughts with your friends.Facebook is a good way to connect with your friends. Here we keep adding the best facebook status ever and quotes.

facebook status - Best Facebook Status | Best Status for Facebook | Facebook Status

Dear crush, fall in love with me. ^_^

You are the reason behind why I log-in to facebook everyday.

Getting Blocked by your GF/BF on Facebook is like electronic Divorce :p 😀

You know you’re getting old when the guys from the “cialis” commercials are starting to look hot.

2 mints silent for those.. Who seen but didn’t like my posts.

Dear Facebook..! Plz change your “What’s on your mind” to “Copied..??…Now Paste Here”! 😛 😛 :P:P

I can’t think of anything because I always thinking about your everything.

Behind every deleted Facebook & Whatsapp account there is an untold story

Drug?? No thanks, I am addicted to worst than that…. i:e Facebook xD

Dear Math, please grow up and solve your own problems, I’m a little tired of solving them for you.

I had a facebook crush, it all ended after her photoshop trial version expired.

Smile is nothing like “I’m just happy”

When Ever I see Your NaMe In My NotiFication I dun Know wHy a SMILE AutomatiCally ComeS On My Face….

When I first joined Facebook I never thought this sh*t would be this addictive.

I would Slap you so Hard that Even Google cant be Able to find you.

Send me game request and Win Free “Unfriend” .. 😛

A place where people, who know so little about anything, have so much to say about everything.

I guess actions Speak Everything….. Not a Facebook Status!!!

Believe in love. Hope for love, pray for love, but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love..

On social networking sites, the winner of any argument is always the one with better English. 😀

I promise i will protect you…

The person who looks good in the group photos is always the one who uploads it.!

i wanna be yours last kiss, last love, last everything..

People who spend their time taking selfies should change their last name to “.JPEG”